Revanchist Review

Friday, March 11, 2005

In Denial

When asked if he thought that a woman should have been escorting a male defendant, Mr. Howard said, "Yes. Women are capable of doing anything men are capable are doing."

Mr. Howard is the Atlanta Georgia District Attorney. A male prisoner had just overpowered his female deputy, seized her gun, shot her then entered the court room where he was to appear to face a rape charge and killed the judge and court reporter. He killed another deputy as he fled the courthouse.

The power of politically correct indoctrination knows no limits. Even in these circumstances, the District Attorney could not allow himself to question the wisdom of allowing individual female police officers to escort dangerous male prisoners.

The irrefutable fact that a woman is not capable of doing anything a man can do is no longer politically acceptable and hence a collective denial occurs. Deny the reality, deny the consequences – our society is in a state of denial.

Women are now being asked to do things they should not be doing and sometimes they and others die as a result. The differences between the sexes are no longer even admitted by society, much less honoured and respected. Chivalry is dead, chastity is dead, demureness is dead, even fatherhood and being a husband are dead – first embarrassed then demeaned then beaten down and ultimately declared obsolete, these markers of the essential otherness that distinguish male from female will soon be lost even from memory.

A generation is being taught to forget the errors of the past. By believing everything we will believe in nothing and the world will become a sad and dreary and loveless place. And at the funerals of innocents, in the place of hymns with soaring lyrics like “O death where is thy sting” we will hear sung with absolutely no irony, treacly paeans like “we wish you all the luck in the world”.